Hi, BeagleBoard.org!

Today I noticed a dramatic increase in the blog’s visits and that it’s due to being linked from beagleboard.org (I don’t know how, but thanks). So from now on I’ll try to make every update bilingual, since I suppose it’s more useful for most people coming from there to read things in english rather than spanish.

Greetings and thanks for the interest


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  1. Tu hermana said

    Well done brother!

  2. The reason is that Google Alerts just found your posts, so I started to share them in the BeagleBoard.org feed. I try to do this for anyone blogging interesting things about the BeagleBoard because it is a community project.

    Don’t feel like everything needs to be in English. Instead, if you have the time, you could help figure out how to make BeagleBoard.org itself bi-lingual. The back-end of the website is publicly available if you want to submit patches.

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